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Mods for Minecraft

The popularity of modifications grows every day. Their number is now difficult to calculate, as well as to try each of them without exception.

There does not seem to be a single gamer who does not know about mods and add-ons. But if someone still does not know, then we should explain it in a nutshell: these are all sorts of add-ons that can either change the game slightly or out of all recognition. For example:

  • add new models to the game world;
  • formulate new objectives;
  • change dialogues;
  • add new maps;
  • modify certain features;
  • add hitherto unknown characters;

Snowy Spirit for Minecraft 1.19

Snowy Spirit for Minecraft 1.19The Snowy Spirit mod for Minecraft 1.19 will add a unique winter content to the game, where a large number of interesting objects and blocks will appear. What are they, you ask? . 


Awesome Dungeon for Minecraft 1.19

Awesome Dungeon for Minecraft 1.19Cool mod, which adds to the game some cool dungeons. Who is not aware - these are new types of locations, such as dungeons, abandoned buildings, buildings. Therefore, we recommend you to download Awesome Dungeon mod for Minecraft 1.19 and be sure to try out all its features in action. . 


Friendly Griefing for Minecraft 1.19

Friendly Griefing for Minecraft 1.19The Friendly Griefing add-on for Minecraft 1.19 is a non-standard but important mod for the game. It changes the approach to setting the value of mogGriefing for mobs. Even if this parameter is set to False by default, you will be able to configure different parameters for each category of mobs. . 


Randomite Classic for Minecraft 1.17

Randomite Classic for Minecraft 1.17Randomite Classic for Minecraft is an adventure that will take you on an exciting journey and take advantage of various mining opportunities. This time on the expanses of the game will appear absolutely random ore, at the extraction of which you can be rewarded with absolutely any resource. . 


Premium Wood for Minecraft 1.17

Premium Wood for Minecraft 1.17Premium Wood for Minecraft is a special add-on that offers to take advantage of brand new content. This time the creators of the mod decided to focus on new types of trees, which will surprise you with their appearance and will please not only the variety, but also interesting elements that make the environment much better. . 


Lava Monsters for Minecraft 1.17

Lava Monsters for Minecraft 1.17To diversify your adventures, you just need to use the add-on called Lava Monsters for Minecraft. This time you will have to face a dangerous monster that consists entirely of lava and achieves its goals. . 


Persistent Bits for Minecraft 1.17

Persistent Bits for Minecraft 1.17If you want to use a variety of options and limiters for loading chunks, you should use the add-on called Persistent Bits for Minecraft. Thanks to this add-on you will be able to control the whole loading process without problems, limit or expand the possibilities for other players and simply make the game much better. . 


Sword Displays for Minecraft 1.16.5

Sword Displays for Minecraft 1.16.5Sword Displays for Minecraft is a decorative improvement that offers the use of special installations and inserts for swords. Simply put, you will have the opportunity to effectively use any available features and try to properly apply all of its functionality for a pleasant experience. . 


Enhanced Farming for Minecraft 1.17

Enhanced Farming for Minecraft 1.17Enhanced Farming for Minecraft is a global add-on that allows you to take advantage of new content in the serie of farming without too much trouble. The author of this enhancement suggests using dozens of different enhancements that expand this area, offer nutritious products and just give you the opportunity to not only have a good time, but also take advantage of brand new features. . 


Edibles for Minecraft 1.17

Edibles for Minecraft 1.17Edibles for Minecraft is a versatile add-on that makes most ingredients edible and available for use. At the same time, you will get a variety of effects that will help you not only get a good result, but also get the chance to succeed by combining not only the effects, but also the chance to achieve a favorable outcome in any activity of your adventure. . 


Inventory Sorting for Minecraft 1.17

Inventory Sorting for Minecraft 1.17Inventory Sorting for Minecraft is a special add-on that will allow you to use a whole new functionality related to inventory without any problems. This time you will just have to install the mod and use the additional buttons to automatically sort items. . 


Waddles for Minecraft 1.17

Waddles for Minecraft 1.17To make the environment of the game more diverse and interesting, you just need to use the add-on Waddles for Minecraft. After installing this add-on, penguins are waiting for you, which will now be found in the winter biome. Penguins will behave like real penguins, swim and get food. .