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There are not so many good Minecraft launchers nowadays, and yet they exist – TLauncher being one of them.
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Mods for Minecraft

The popularity of modifications grows every day. Their number is now difficult to calculate, as well as to try each of them without exception.

There does not seem to be a single gamer who does not know about mods and add-ons. But if someone still does not know, then we should explain it in a nutshell: these are all sorts of add-ons that can either change the game slightly or out of all recognition. For example:

  • add new models to the game world;
  • formulate new objectives;
  • change dialogues;
  • add new maps;
  • modify certain features;
  • add hitherto unknown characters;

Better Graves for Minecraft 1.16

Better Graves for Minecraft 1.16If the death of a hero seemed unexpected and unpleasant to you, then we recommend that you pay attention to the Better Graves add-on for Minecraft. Thanks to this improvement, you can count on a realistic effect after death. . 


True Darkness for Minecraft 1.16

True Darkness for Minecraft 1.16If you have long wanted to enjoy an almost real simulation of light and illumination, then we suggest you use the True Darkness add-on for Minecraft. . 


Enderite for Minecraft 1.16

Enderite for Minecraft 1.16To diversify your Minecraft adventure, you should definitely use the Minecraft add-on for Enderite. Thanks to this improvement, you can expect that you will now be able to mine a new resource called enderite without any problems. . 


Earth Mobs for Minecraft 1.16

Earth Mobs for Minecraft 1.16If you like to encounter diverse and interesting mobs during your adventure, then we suggest you pay attention to the Earth Mobs add-on for Minecraft. Thanks to this improvement, you will have the opportunity to meet new mobs that will be related in one way or another to the element of earth. . 


Thermal Conversion for Minecraft 1.16

Thermal Conversion for Minecraft 1.16Thermal Conversion for Minecraft is a special addition that will allow you to easily take advantage of the new content, which will be associated with the ability to regulate the smelting energy. Now the furnaces will receive a completely new direction in terms of using the generated energy. . 


Beenfo for Minecraft 1.16

Beenfo for Minecraft 1.16Bees are increasingly becoming a part of your adventure, so it is important to have the Beenfo add-on for Minecraft on hand. The uniqueness of this improvement lies in the fact that now you will be able to use a special graphical hint without any problems. . 


Clear Skies for Minecraft 1.16

Clear Skies for Minecraft 1.16Clear Skies for Minecraft is a special add-on that will allow you to take advantage of the graphical improvement of the sky without any problems. If earlier you could observe a strange stripe in the sky, then after installing this improvement you will not have to worry about its appearance. . 


Actually Useful Stonecutter for Minecraft 1.16

Actually Useful Stonecutter for Minecraft 1.16Surely you have ever dreamed of a stone cutter performing additional functions for self-improvement. Therefore, we immediately suggest that you use the Actually Useful Stonecutter add-on for Minecraft. This improvement will allow you to achieve favorable results in terms of using this device. . 


El Huevo for Minecraft 1.16.5

El Huevo for Minecraft 1.16.5An unusual modification with its own innovations appeared in the vastness of Minecraft under the name El Huevo for version 1.16.5. . 


Shelf for Minecraft 1.16.5

Shelf for Minecraft 1.16.5The original Minecraft modification called Shelf for version 1.16.5 will bring some variety to the game and surprise players with its changes. . 


PackMenu for Minecraft 1.16.5

PackMenu for Minecraft 1.16.5PackMenu for Minecraft is a special add-on that will allow you to use a variety of menu improvements without any problems. Thanks to this toolkit, you can easily use a variety of functions to change the appearance of the menu, choose a color scheme, and even use other images as a background. .