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True Backpack for Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.19

Are you curious to experience life through the eyes of mobs in Minecraft PE 1.19? Morph Plus adds this unique feature that lets you transform yourself into different mobs! For this unique feature to work, download Morph Plus today - we hope Morph Plus for Minecraft PE 1.19 will do exactly this for you.

With this mod, players can transform into over 30 mobs such as zombies, skeletons, creepers, slimes, iron golems and foxes! To begin the transformation process you should open a new interface by pressing both "sneak" and "jump" buttons before clicking anywhere on the ground - after this occurs an entirely new window will pop open allowing you to select specific mobs to transform into. Within just seconds your travel will have taken on an entirely different look!

Installing Morph Plus:
The initial step for installing Morph Plus should be running the downloaded file and adding its components (addon/texture) to Minecraft PE.

Step two is opening Minecraft Pocket Edition and accessing its settings of world.

Third Step: Install imported resource sets and add-ons into the world.

Step four: Select each imported resource packages/add-on in every section before restarting the mobile client.

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The version has been released!

Download (Windows)

Download (Linux/MacOS)

Download the official server