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Niel’s Culinary for Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.19

Niel's Culinary is a modification for Minecraft PE 1.19 that enhances your cooking by providing functional blocks with different functions in-game. The mod includes freezer, kettle, plate, frying pan and mixer components to enhance your experience while gaming.

Every unit in this kitchen set has a specific role and purpose in game. Additionally, this mod adds new blocks for cooking various types of dishes and beverages from scratch; making the experience quite thrilling! Many players will appreciate cooking because it challenges all their skills beyond crafting food on workbenches alone.

Installing Niel's Culinary: 
Step by Step Installation Instructions

First step to adding addon/texture into Minecraft PE: Launch downloaded file and import addon/texture into game engine.

Step two is opening Minecraft Pocket Edition and customizing your world settings.

Third step: Install imported resource sets and add-ons into the world.

Step four: Select each imported resource package/add-on in each section before restarting the mobile client.

Download Links

The version has been released!

Download (Windows)

Download (Linux/MacOS)

Download the official server