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There are not so many good Minecraft launchers nowadays, and yet they exist – TLauncher being one of them.
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Creeping Crypts: Random Dungeons for Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.19

Are you looking to add more dungeons into Minecraft so they have their own atmosphere, hidden with treasure and dangerous monsters? Install Creeping Crypts: Random Dungeons for Minecraft PE 1.19; it adds an elaborate structure with large dungeons!

The Overworld will frequently generate tower-shaped structures that are extremely rare. Careful examination of each structure's territory reveals a secret entrance leading to an extremely large dungeon; within this lair lies many treasures for you to unearth; but be warned; you must first encounter and defeat dangerous monsters before entering it!

Installing Creeping Crypts: Random Dungeons:

First step to installing addon/textures into Minecraft PE: Launch downloaded file and import addon/texture files directly.

Second step: Launch Minecraft Pocket Edition and configure its settings of world.

Third step: Install imported resource sets and add-ons into the world.

Step four: Once imported resource packages/add-on have been selected in each section, restarting mobile clients is recommended for optimal operation.

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The version has been released!

Download (Windows)

Download (Linux/MacOS)

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