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Raiyon’s Dynamic Lighting for Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.18

Raiyon's Dynamic Lighting for Minecraft PE 1.18 is an add-on that provides dynamic lighting. When exploring mines or wandering about at night with vanilla Minecraft, placing torches or lighting blocks was often required in order to gain light - this add-on makes this much simpler with dynamic lighting!

This mod will alter gameplay drastically since players no longer need to manually arrange all lighting blocks within an interactive world. When holding a torch in hand, dynamic lighting occurs that does not differ in terms of brightness or range from placing other types of units such as torches. Furthermore, dynamic light will work for any blocks capable of emitting light - from buckets of lava, nether stars or even mobs such as Ifrits that emit light; such as luminosus octopuses!

Installing Raiyon Dynamic Lighting:

Step one is to run and import the downloaded addon/texture into Minecraft Pocket Edition (MCPE).

Second step: Launch Minecraft Pocket Edition and navigate to its settings of worlds.

Third step: Install imported resource sets and add-ons into the world.

Step four: Once all resource packages/add-on have been imported successfully, select each section individually before restarting the mobile client.

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The version has been released!

Download (Windows)

Download (Linux/MacOS)

Download the official server