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There are not so many good Minecraft launchers nowadays, and yet they exist – TLauncher being one of them.
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Poggy’s Better for Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.19

Poggy's Better for Minecraft PE 1.19 is an upgrade that adds special details and unique structures to each biome in the world, giving each location more character. You will discover new structures appearing across biomes to give each biome more individual charm and distinguishable traits.

Mod includes original mobs and ores from specific biomes to further enrich game biomes! Also featured is more food, armor sets and backpacks to expand inventory space - all vanilla additions!

Installing Poggy's Better:

Step one is to run and import the downloaded addon/texture into Minecraft PE.

Step two is opening Minecraft Pocket Edition and configuring its world settings.

Thirdly: Install imported resource sets and add-ons into the world.

Step four: to select imported resource packages/add-on in each section and restart mobile client, respectively.

Download Links

The version has been released!

Download (Windows)

Download (Linux/MacOS)

Download the official server