Latest version:
Minecraft 1.20.1 and Minecraft Bedrock 1.20


There are not so many good Minecraft launchers nowadays, and yet they exist – TLauncher being one of them.
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Now you will have at your disposal an impressive variety of boxes and bags that will enable you to achieve greater comfort during your game and experience every second with gusto! It is wise not to rush; first consider how best you might utilize these storage spaces before beginning with any creative ideas for their use; we wish you an enjoyable gaming session!

How to install the modification:

First step: Download and install Fabric and the APIs needed.

Step two is downloading and extracting the mod file.

Third step: copy and install Medieval Seedbags mod package into.minecraft/mods folder if one doesn't already exist (if this folder doesn't already exist, install Forge again to create one yourself).

Download Links

The version has been released!

Download (Windows)

Download (Linux/MacOS)

Download the official server