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Minecraft 1.20.1 and Minecraft Bedrock 1.20


There are not so many good Minecraft launchers nowadays, and yet they exist – TLauncher being one of them.
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The author of this enhancement used a variety of conversion methods, thanks to which he was able to add cherry bushes with a pink tint. He also changed the detail of the grass, among which you can also find new thematic details. All this made it possible to create truly picturesque landscapes and make the world much more pleasant. And to appreciate all this superiority, it is enough to personally go for a walk and feel the accessible atmosphere of the game.

How to install the texture pack:

First step: download the texture pack from the link below.

Second step: Unzip the downloaded archive and copy the Cherry Grass folder to the path  c:UsersUserAppDataRoaming.minecraft esourcepacks ( if this folder does not exist, create it yourself ) (For Windows)

Third step: In the game, go to Settings, then to Resource Packs. There, click on the icon in the left list of the new texture pack that appears.

Download Links

The version has been released!

Download (Windows)

Download (Linux/MacOS)

Download the official server