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There are not so many good Minecraft launchers nowadays, and yet they exist – TLauncher being one of them.
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TLauncher News - Version history and notes

Fakes about TLauncher virus checks

Fakes about TLauncher virus checks
There are various strange instructions for checking viruses in TLauncher... They say our program has viruses, which you may find and thereby confirm the theories of bloggers. However, these instructions are a pure manipulation and substitution of facts, which we will talk about in this article.


TLauncher has no SpyWare! [Details]

Нет Фейкам про TLauncher
It is a detailed analysis of rumors about the presence of SpyWare in TLauncher and its files. We will tell you about the fake evidence of anonymous researchers and other relevant things. This article will confirm that we are right and TLauncher is safe! There is no SpyWare in TLauncher!


Are there viruses in TLauncher? Details!

TLauncher Love
Some users would like to know if TLauncher has viruses or not. So, we are going to give you some compelling arguments in favor of the popular Minecraft launcher. Please don’t believe any rumors and gossip – the launcher is virus-free and reliable!


Where to look for Minecraft Mods?

TLMods Лого
Introducing a new project – TLMods! This site is a huge repository of files for Minecraft. At the same time, it has many convenient and useful features. In this article, you will learn various details about this project and how to integrate it with TLauncher.


Only a few people online on a Minecraft server? Solutions!

Information for MC Poster server admins
Over the past six months, CIS Minecraft has changed a lot, which is a serious challenge for all admins. Both new projects and mature servers are experiencing various difficulties: with the number of people online, with donations, and with technical problems. In this article, we will tell you about a lot of new factors that affect the number of users online and donations! Of course, we cannot describe every little thing. But many problems will remain with us for a long time and they must be covered.


Special Offer for Minecraft Server Administrators

Промо картинка TLauncher
To mark the popular sale holiday on 11.11, we decided to hold a mind-blowing promotion for all Minecraft game server admins! What we offer is a good discount for placing advertisements in TLauncher , while providing simple and quickly implemented conditions.


How to Install Minecraft 1.19 Snapshots in TLauncher

minecraft 1.19 snapshot Screenshot 1
What are snapshots for? Thanks to them, one can play yet unreleased versions of the game. The snapshots do not guarantee that you will see all their content in a final release. But it is assumed that it will feature similar or identical add-ons. These snapshots are frequently updated following news about a particular version. In the 1.19 version, special attention has been paid to biomes, so it was called The Wild Update.


Christmas discounts on Animation capes and TLauncher Premium [2022]

TLauncher New Year discounts 2022
During the year many versions of the Launcher have been released, support for our skins has been expanded and many other cool features have been added. All this is impossible without your support! It's thanks to your activations of premium TL and animation cloaks that we can continue to please you. In 2022 we will continue to work and prepare new functionality. And now, we offer the biggest discounts!


Halloween discounts on Animated Capes and TLauncher Premium [2021]

DISCOUNTS with TLauncher 2020
DISCOUNTS ON ANIMATION CAPES + PREMIUM!!! Halloween is a great excuse to have cool discounts on our core features that help stand out on the server, but also warm your soul in single player.Supply HD cape skins + animated capes at the best price! PLEASE NOTE THAT THE TIME OF SALE IS LIMITED, HURRY UP!